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Health, Safety and Environmental

EMS Certification
CAP is committed to providing an environment that is safe for all employees, contractors, customers and members of the public. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified. The award of ISO 1401: 2004 EMS Certification to the company in 2013 will not only make CAP the only environmentally friendly paint manufacturing company in Nigeria but will spur the company to continue to be environmentally responsible. CAP works closely with regulatory agencies to monitor its environmental performance through quarterly environmental audits.

Effluent Treatment Plant
CAP has upgraded its effluent treatment plant to meet the statutory requirements of regulatory agencies. The huge investment made in upgrading the treatment plant is a testimony to the company’s passionate drive for a cleaner environment

Environmental Assessment
The company conducts periodic environmental assessment of its operations. The environmental assessment report is submitted to the regulatory agencies for verification.

HSE Compliance of Trade Partners
Trade partner’s outlets are regularly assessed for compliance with HSE standards and practices. Corrective actions are taken to ensure conformity.

Promoting Healthy Lifestyle
The company conducts health talk and provides the environment for recreation. CAP has a functional gym to promote healthy living through regular exercise.

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